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New Cookie Time: 90 days! If a customer orders within 90 days of the first visit to our site, the order is commissioned to you.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

What is the ReligiousMall.Com Affiliate Programm?
As a partner in the ReligiousMall.Com Affiliate Programm, you can make money by providing to your visitors and clients the opportunity to shop for beautiful, traditional, hand-made and rare religious items.

Does it cost me anything to join?

No. Nothing!

Do I have to have a big Website to join?

Not at all. In fact, you do not even need to have a web site. We accept applications from any Website regardless of size. Sometimes our best partners have small Websites or do word of mouth promotion. It's simply about how much you believe in this, how much you work on it, and how well you can promote it.

What's in it for me?
Firstly, money - potentially lots of money! Both for you and for charity. We need you for our mission. Every time one of your customers orders for ReligiousMall.Com by clicking on one of your links, you may get an up to 25% commission ON THE TOTAL PURCHASE PRICE !. This means that achieving one average size($55) order a day may get you $425 a month. It also means that you will have raised our charity fund by $18 (assumming one third of your orders are above $100).
Secondly, it is an effective way to reliably assess your site marketing potential and value. In many cases we effect a better liquidation factor than advertisingi fees.

Is there a limit on how much I can make?
No. Your earning potential is unlimited.

How often will I get paid?
ReligiousMall.Com will pay you on a monthly basis for all valid orders. An order is valid once the client has received his merchandise and has agreed to pay. You will receive a check or may be required to give us a bank account depending on your country. You will receive a check every month assuming your balance not less than $100. If it is less, you will receive all your money on the month your balance reaches $100.

I operate an irrelevant site. Why would I want to join ReligiousMall.Com?
First of all, ReligiousMall.Com is based on niche marketing. By definition our target market is limited and targeted advertising is especially effective due to minimum competition. Strategically, placing an explanatory, informative ReligiousMall.Com link on your site will draw only interested parties. In this way, you achieve maximization of your revenues, since those individual are very likely to place an order.

There are lots of affiliate programs out there. Why should I join ReligiousMall.Com's?

ReligiousMall.Com's incredibly powerful niche marketing allows you to maximize your earnings. Especially if your site enjoys visitors from a particular market group related to ReligiousMall.Com (e.g. Christian sites, U.S. Churches, national sites esp. Russian, Greek, Serbian etc) your revenue to visitor ratio can be quite high! Even general portal sites may benefit from placing discreet, informative links about ReligiousMall.Com. ReligiousMall.Com currently enjoys a 1:35 ratio of orders to targeted visitors and an average order of $55. These values are much higher than any other affiliate or even advertiser you may place on your site. As if these were not enough, ReligiousMall.Com currently gives a 3% of orders higher than $100 to charity, so you will be participating in a very effective, trustworthy and socially valuable program.

What is a valid order?
A valid order is one placed through the site and is received and paid by the Client. Our policy is to accept all returns from our clients which is benefitial to your visitors and ultimately to you, as it increases your orders.

What are "Impressions" (or "Views") and "Clickthroughs" (or "Clicks")?

An "Impression" (or "View") occurs when one of your customers sees one of our promotional links on your site. "Clickthrough" (or "Click") means one of your customers took action, clicked on one of the ReligiousMall.Com promotional links, and as a result has been transfered to the ReligiousMall.Com site.

How does ReligiousMall.Com track impressions, clickthroughs, and valid orders?

Once you put an ReligiousMall.Com promotional link on your site with our special HTML we start doing all the tracking for you and evaluating your performance and orders. Embedded in that HTML is a unique identifier that we use to identify all referrals coming from your site. Once a customer enters our main page, or any category or product page he receives an HTTP 'cookie' a unique identifier stored in his machine . This certifies that if he or she orders even after he visits other sites (e.g. to compare, or see his bank account) the order will still be correctly identified as yours.

How do I get my viewers to click on the ReligiousMall.Com links?
There are lots of ways! First, put up more than one link - and put the ReligiousMall.Com links in prominent places. Place these links in context by sharing with your users a personal testimonial. Also, it has been found that links placed on the lower right corner of pages get more clicks. ReligiousMall.Com is always working to develop and test new internet marketing concepts. But we also know that no one knows your visitors -and their referers- better than you, and so we allow you the freedom to use our resources as you judge more appropriate towards this effort.

Where can I get the ReligiousMall.Com promotional links and graphics?

Once you join the program and become an active member, we will share our resources with you towards the agreed promotion.

Other than the ReligiousMall.Com home page, what other kinds of ReligiousMall.Com pages can I promote on my site?

You can promote any individual product page or category you wish. We allow that because we want to let you apply your marketing since we believe that you know your visitors more than anyone. You may link category pages as well. In general you may link to any page on our site except statement and agreement related pages. In the coming months, ReligiousMall.Com will be expanding its already huge product database and offer new exciting array of new products and services that you will be able to promote to make even more money! We are also preparing to to start a multi-tier affiliate program through which you may get commission of your refered affiliates. Being at the top of the ladder by signing up now may prove very important.

Is knowing HTML a requirement? Will I need a programmer?
No, you do not need to know HTML. Just cut and paste the HTML, that we provide you, onto your site. That's all that it takes!

This sounds like the easy way to make money! How do I join?
Simply go to http://www.ReligiousMall.Com.com/aff and click on the 'Become our Valued Affiliate' Link on the menu on the right. After completing the application you may immediately start sending your visitors to ReligiousMall.Com and receive commissions for their orders.

Once I join, how do I get my promotional links and reports?
After you've been accepted to the ReligiousMall.Com Affiliate Programm, go to http://www.ReligiousMall.Com/aff, log in and get your linking code for each of your domains by pressing 'View All' and then 'Get linking code'. After you publish those links to your site, you can also go there to see how the promotions are doing.

How can I increase my commissions?
ReligiousMall.Com appreciates very much the affiliates that work effectively and continually. Each month we evaluate all of our affiliates and offer better deals to the best of them as an incentive for new work and a 'thank you' for your past work. Also, once we work with an affiliate for a long time and our affiliation matures our monitoring resources can be lowered for these affiliates and so the cost and risk of maintaining you as a new affiliate becomes your revenue as time passes. In general, we wish to form a faithful and trustworthy affiliate team, something like a business family. For this reason our strategy is to offer extermely large commissions as the affiliations matures. We target at having affiliates that work at a 25% total price commission! This commission is on average over the products equal to our profit margin! This is how much we value this program.

How does ReligiousMall evaluates its affiliates for offering increased commissions?
We value our affiliates primarily based on the total views of the promotional links or banners, on the total number clickthroughs and on the sum of total number of their orders since joining the program the total time of participation, and the prompt reaction to the reported statistical trends. Secondarily, we take into account the clickthrough and order ratio (clicks/views and orders/views respectively), the amount of large orders (more than $100) and the percentage of returned orders.

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