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Athanasios the Great - Saints Handpainted Hagiography Byzantine Icons

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Commemorates on:18 of January

Saint Athanasios The Great was a great Father of the Orthodox Church and the Archbishop of Alexandria, in Egypt. He was born in the city of Alexandria around the year of 297 into a Christian family. As a child, Athanasios was very influenced by the Christian values and soon was observed by Patriarch Alexander who took Athanasios into his clergy and ordained him as deacon. When Patriarch Alexander died, St. Athanasios was chosen to succeed him in the See of Alexandria. He guided the Church for many years and endured persecution and rivalry from his antagonists. He died at the age of seventy six in 373. The name “Athanasios” in Greek means immortal (Aθανάσιος ). The Orthodox Church celebrates his feast day on January 18.

Handpainted Hagiography Icons :

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